Metropolitan Landscapes and the role of the cities

Workshop for policy makers from the network of cities in Europe, on vision (s) on metropolitan landscape, new challenges, best practices and the role of the cities in the landscape. Results of this workshop will be presented at the International Symposium “Confrontations in the Metropolitan Landscape” on September 8th.

The typical ‘Dutch landscape’ of the Amsterdam metropolitan area is one of its strongest assets. The diversity of landscapes, the interlinkage of land and water, countryside and cities and cultural heritage with ecological values are of great importance. Landscape is seen as a key factor that determines the quality of living in the metropolitan area and therefore is important for international competiveness.

The population of Amsterdam and its surrounding areas (the Amsterdam metropolitan area) is growing. This growth will be realized through densification of the existing urban areas. Densification cannot occur without investing in and upgrading the existing infrastructure, public spaces, green areas and the surrounding landscape. As the pressure on the metropolitan landscape increases, interests of nature conservations, agriculture, recreational usage and living meet and in some cases, clash. A new big challenge in the AMA’s ambition is to become fossil free. Therefore, the claim on the landscape could be considerable.

In cooperation with many stakeholders (land owners, enterprises, recreational-, nature and landscape conservation agencies, water boards and other local and regional authorities) Amsterdam works on the Action Program Metropolitan Landscape. This program addresses the current challenges. The future challenges however, are significantly larger: how do we define and achieve the desired future landscape? What role can the leading city in the metropolitan area play?

Other European cities meet similar challenges. We would like to inspire each other by sharing good practices: what works and what does not? And why?


Eurocities supports this meeting. The aim is to show the results of this workshop at the Environment Forum of Eurocities in September 2017 in Essen.

Provisional program

Wednesday 6 September

12.30-13.30 Welcome and lunch

13.30-17.30 Exploring the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area: challenges and policies will be shown by travelling through the landscape.

19.30-22.30 Dinner

Thursday 7 September

9:00- 12.30 Presentation of participants

12.30-13.30 Lunch

13.30-18.30 Discussions, observations, research questions for further dialogue


Participants are a select group of policy makers and practitioners working on metropolitan landscapes. Members of Eurocities and Metrex are welcome. We ask all participating cities to give a short presentation (15 minutes), inspired by the above mentioned questions.


The municipality of Amsterdam, in cooperation with the Deltametropolis Associaton and the Netherlands Landscape Triennial 2017.