Landscape Triennial 2017 – The Next Landscape

The theme of the 2017 Landscape Triennial is The Next Landscape. What will define the landscape of the future? What will our everyday surroundings look like in the coming decades? Who will take care of it? What are the driving forces behind the changes in our landscape? Who will create it?

Together we will find out. Please join in and help our thought process!

Four program segments

The 2017 Landscape Triennial program is centered around 4 program segments:

The next landscape as our daily living environment

The subprogram which actively involves citizens and visitors of Haarlemmermeer as well as its surrounding cities and villages in the protection and the irreversible, gradual changes of the landscape in North Holland and of PARK21 in particular.

The Landscape Triennial helps people to become aware of the importance of the new landscape as well as the old landscape. It will help people to be aware of the way in which they can influence the planning and layout, or to be aware of the shape the landscape will assume, but also of its beauty or ugliness.

The program includes excursions, debates and presentations, films, performances and hands-on park creating.

The next landscape as an innovative breeding ground

The program segment in which farmers, businesses, young innovators, creative entrepreneurs, start-ups and volunteering organizations are given the opportunity to demonstrate entire and partial inventions which will help make the next landscape healthy and sustainable.

The Landscape Triennial wants to support promising ideas and concepts which deal with the landscape’s distinguishing features, elements or products in an intelligent, renewable way.

Think circular food production, new means of regional transportation, think transition to wind energy or solar energy, modern water management, responsible mineral extraction, natural building materials etc.

The program includes a two-day Innovation Festival, lectures about building on water and a Dragon’s Den during which ideas and prototypes are pitched to potential investors.

The next landscape as a determining factor for relocating to the metropolis

This subprogram is specifically aimed at managers of authorities, organizations and institutions, at researchers, spatial designers, area administrators and property developers and it puts the importance of the landscape on the scale of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region on the agenda.

This subprogram seeks to replace the 20th century contrast between ‘ the strong city’ and ‘the vulnerable landscape’ with the 21st century concept of a permanently green metropolitan region in which the urban landscape’s fundamental importance to the quality of life as well as its competitive force is further specified and substantiated.

In this subprogram among other things we organize the completion of 12 Dutch illustrations of the urban landscape as a relocation factor and an international conference to also bring foreign points of view and experiences to our country. In addition to this we invite people to join our so-called CEO dinner to determine what lessons can be learned from the conferences.

The next landscape as a spatial design assignment

In this subprogram we try to outline a spatial image of the future which will allow us a clearer view on what effects the new tasks of sustainability and climate adaptation have on our living environment.

The Landscape Triennial will thoroughly challenge a group of young international designers and other experts with the questions society will confront them with now and in future years.

The most important items are the international Summer School and the MOOI Noord-Holland event during which pupils too will get an in-depth introduction to the landscape.

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